What Some Celebrities Do To Stay Relevant

Attaining celebrity status, to most people, is a great achievement, but little do they know that staying a relevant celebrity is pretty hard. There are some things these celebrities do to stay in the game that normal people would find funny. Most of the time, they do some of these things because of the high expectations of their fans, but also for personal promotion, to get more endorsement deals.

When most people hear the word celebrity, what comes to their minds are expensive cars, private jets, luxury home, million dollar vacation destination, and the likes, so these guys really have to step up their game to stay wanted. Most of them put in a lot of energy in enhancing their social media presence because that is actually one of the main mediums they use to interact with their fans. Here are some of the many things celebrity do to stay relevant.

  1. They hire a social media team to manage their accounts

Most celebrities hire social media management agencies and pay them big bucks just to manage their social media accounts. It can be a team of 10, 20, 30, they don’t care. All they want is to have the highest online presence in the industry. This management team will be in charge of the kind of pictures they upload, the captions they add to their pictures and even the people they follow. To a normal person, this might sound absurd, but that is what is trending.

  1. They intentionally make controversial statements to get noticed

This is actually a very common one and it is trending in the industry like wildfire. Celebrities intentionally make comments either negative or positive on controversial issues just to get the needed attention. So when you hear stuff like, ‘Oh, did you hear what LOL said about the Iranian jet that….’ just have it in mind that probably that celeb planned it with the hope that the comment will trend. Some of them even go to the extent of starting fake relationships with each other.

  1. They release nasty pictures and tapes

This is actually regarded as the last line of action when it comes to staying relevant. A lot of celebrities have done this in the past and many are definitely going to use this method in the future. What they do is intentionally upload private images and videos to the public and claim that they got hacked. Some might even say they ‘mistakenly’ uploaded it. A lot has been seen in the past and this method has made a lot of people popular.

  1. They buy their way to the top

One of the ways celebrities earn a living is through their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and most especially Instagram. But they cannot achieve this without commanding enough audience, so what they do is buy followers and likes on Instagram and other social media to stay in the game. Some buy enough to get them verified and this will increase their chances of making more money from their social media account.

These are just a few obvious things celebrities do to stay relevant because to them it is a matter of who is who in the industry.