How I Started Marketing My Products Online

I am into female fashion designing and photography. I started gaining interest in fashion when I was 12 and can remember I used to cut random clothes in the house just to create my “awesome” designs. Trust me; it got me into a lot of trouble with my mom because her bed sheets were always my victim.

I later went to a fashion school in London, and it was eye-opening. I learned more and got inspired to start my own fashion brand. So I focused on the female fashion niche by designing and sewing clothes ranging from normal dresses, skirts and shirts to wedding gowns. I had a few clients, and when I say a few, I mean like 20 regular clients. It was fine at first, but I was not getting the type of income I wanted and this must have been because of the high competition in the industry coupled with the presence of already established brands. I had to go back to my board to carve out my sales strategy.

That was when I picked up on the idea of marketing my products on social media platforms. This strategy worked for me because of the kind of product I sell and people love fashion. Aside from that, the internet has a global marketplace with a high number of users, even my grandmother uses it.  I had the potential of gaining access to a high number of future clients, who might get to like my designs and place orders.

Before I started advertising my products for free online, I had to get some things in place. First, I got all my designs ready and then I thought to myself, why to hire a photographer since I would be posting thousands of pictures online and that would be a lot of charges. So, I took a few photography classes, and I think my daily selfie addiction helped me get a hold of it fast. Also, I had to select the online platform that would work with the kind of product I had. I went for Instagram because it’s the best platform to share my pictures, get reviews and, of course, potential orders.

How to increase Instagram followers was my next challenge because, without enough, my goal will not be reached. I went online to check out methods I could use to achieve this. I saw a lot and adopted a few that I thought were great and would work. The first tip I got was to capture and share high-quality pictures that would attract people and then add a very captivating caption followed by a call to action underneath it. Then I learned that tagging highly followed individuals would also help in promoting my posts.

Another thing I did was buy Instagram followers at a very cheap rate and after this purchase; I got into the fashion game big time. I got more orders, almost more than I could supply, and even got paid to help people advertise their fashion-related products via my account.