How I Made My First Million Online

I made my first million when I was 22. Then I was still in college and I had this idea to start-up online entertainment. I always had a passion for entertainment and in fact, when I was 8, I used to do stand-up. I would hold my brothers captive and tell them multiple jokes, but I always wondered why they didn’t laugh. I didn’t want to believe my jokes weren’t funny.

When I finished high school, I had opportunities to perform at parties and small shows, and I noticed people loved my style of comedy. That was when I made up my mind to go into comedy for real, but the competition was so much in the industry for an upcoming comedian like me. So, a friend advised me to start creating rib-cracking videos and share them online. That way I would be able to reach a higher number of people and get picked up by an agency that would pay me loads to perform.

Then, the journey started. I first thought of different comedy clip ideas that would play well with my target audience. Then I created multiple branded comedy clips for a period of 3 months. I just thought that if I could upload a video per week online, people would love to subscribe or follow me because people love the consistency and that was what I was aiming to deliver. I bought a video camera and talked to one of my friends, who knows a thing or two about video coverage, to help me out for free and we went on to create close to 50 videos.

What I did next was to establish an online presence, an avenue for people to see what I do. Then I opened different social media accounts and the one I enjoyed traffic from the most was Instagram. Before opening an account, I made sure I studied the online comedy niche closely and my competitors. What I noticed was that a lot of them usually make use of multiple highly followed hashtags to promote their videos and encourage more public interactions.

After some months, my videos started trending and I started getting offers to perform at some events and shows. I was so happy and fulfilled that I was finally getting noticed. One of my close friends then advised me to buy Instagram followers, just to compliment the ones I had already. I got enough to get me verified and after that, my story changed for good. I didn’t just get multiple endorsement deals, but I also get offers from companies to advertise via my account for cool sums of money.

This made me reach my million dollar mark pretty early but the journey was not easy. It took me time, continuous and relentless dedication, to achieve all these. There were obviously challenging parts, like when the first 20 videos I created didn’t get as much attention as I expected, but it took just one video to change my story for good.